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Tomorrow it is time for us American's to vote. As American's it is our right an responsibility to vote. Not to mention you can't really complain about the outcome unless you get your booty out there and vote! This upcoming election day is a day that will go down in the history books. There are so many important things on the ballot!

Now... there may be lines at the polls tomorrow but I really do encourage you to take the time and wait and vote. PLUS if you do vote there are a lot of places that pass out free goods to those who do vote on election day. Ben and Jerry's will be handing out free scoops of ice cream between 8am and 5pm, Krispy Kreme will be handing out free dougnuts, and Starbucks (stand alone stores only) will be handing out free coffee for those with "I Voted" stickers.

Honestly I'm not here to push you to vote for Obama or McCain but I DO want you to vote!!!! (For Obama!!!!) Ok yeah I'm going to push a little. I couldn't stomach President Palin if McCain were to die.

There is one thing I do want you to vote on though and I feel very strongly about this one...


Although heart broken that John Cho has a child and I'm assuming a woman (what? He's a hottie!), he makes a very valid point. Equality cannot exist unless it applies to EVERYONE! This is America! "Home of the Free" and our constitution was made to GIVE us FREEDOM not stomp our freedom!

I know that the people who want you to vote yes on prop 8 say a lot of things that are not true. Honestly I want to throw up every time I see a "Yes on 8" ad on TV.

"Fact: Prop 8 is simple: it eliminates the rights for same-sex couples to marry. Prop 8 would deny equal protections and write discrimination against one group of people—lesbian and gay people—into our state constitution."

Source : No On Prop 8

First of all... schools are NOT going to teach gay marriage in class and if they did a parent COULD remove them from the lesson. Shoot I see so many kids removed from biology because their parents are against dissecting things, sex ed, and other classes that are actually IMPORTANT. Schools don't even teach about marriage in the first place so why would they go about starting to teach it now? Gay or straight? Even if they did decide to add it to the curriculum it's not going to make kids gay. If they are going to be gay they will.

"Fact: Not one word in Prop 8 mentions education. And no child can be forced, against the will of their parents, to be taught anything about health and family issues at school. California law prohibits it.

Fiction: A Massachusetts case about a parent’s objection to the school curriculum will happen here.

Fact: California gives parents an absolute right to remove their kids and opt-out of teaching on health and family instruction they don’t agree with. The opponents know that California law already covers this and Prop 8 won’t affect it, so they bring up an irrelevant case in Massachusetts."

Source : No On Prop 8

Second of all... NO ONE IS FORCING ANYTHING DOWN ANYONES THROAT! If you don't like gay people don't look. Don't pay attention. LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE!!! If your religious does the Bible not say to leave the judgement to God? It does. If a man wants to love another man it isn't going to hurt you. I see all these churches endorsing prop 8 and not only is that illegal (separation of church and state, the reason why churches do not pay taxes) but it goes against the "holy word of God."

So please... please... PLEASE! Vote No on prop 8 tomorrow.

♥ Shawnee

P.S. Halloween post is coming I swear.

P.S. P.S. Pictures too!! LOL

Jack! The pumpkin king!

I maded a Jack! Yup! Yup! We had a pumpkin carving contest at work and this is what I made for my team.

Mind you I have not carved a pumpkin in AGES! But I gave it the ol' college effort LOL!

♥ Shawnee

Big, Ultra Huge, Update! Finally!

So I have been up to so much lately! Wow! Work, friends, shopping, and everything else that falls into my fabulous life!

I cut bangs! Wh00t! I can never decide whether or not I like having bangs LOL but whatevs...

I know crappy cam pics but it's alright.

I know I have said it a million bajillion times but I have been so busy it's sick! I have been working hard at work which has been super stressful because some stupid people with nothing better to do with their lives have decided to lie about me to my boss. It's so friggin dumb that people just make things up or hear part of a conversation that they are not involved in and just make judgement based on the fragment they heard. So stupid! Get a life people! I have also been busy with my makeup and hair stuff! Want to see my new supplies? I know you do!

This is my new fushion heating wand for attaching fushion extensions. I love it!

I got these four pallets from Artistik! They are $50 some odd on the site but I got a pro discount and I got all four of them for $100ish! Yay!!! The top two are 88 pallets. One is a shimmer pallet and one is a matt pallet. The second one got a little damaged on the trip over here but I don't mind that much. It's still perfectly useable. I also got the 78 pallet of eye shadows and blushers and the 28 pallet of neutrals. They don't come across all that well n the pictures because of bad lighting but they are amazing and I would recommend them for anyone! Professional and makeup lovers alike! They are just as good as Mac or Smashbox and they are super compact and fun!

I got these free brushes with my pallets that are actually super high quality and nice! I am going to put them in my little makeup bag for my purse.

I also went to Best Buy the other night with Mollie and we spent hours there LOL I got some good loot! I still need to buy another DS but they didn't have any of the light pink ones so I got DVDs instead. I'll get a DS in November probably! I love Best Buy I could go broke as a joke there but it wouldn't be too funny LOL

I got the Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited soundtrack. It has a lot of bands covering the music from the movie. It is not the same bands as the special edition one released in 2005(I think). It's all new covers excluding the Marilyn Manson This is Halloween cover which is on both CDs. I like a lot of the songs on it! Also he packaging is trés trés cute!

I got five DVDs! I got Kimora Life in the Fab Lane, Kill Bill 1 and 2, Sleeping Beauty and Sex and the City (which I should have gotten the special edition of LOL). On all six items I spent a total of $80 bucks! Not bad right? Nooooo not bad at all. I've left Best Buy with a much lighter wallet before!

The other day I spent the day with Jaxi. We went to Macy's for clothes but I didn't find anything I was too into. When you DO have money you can't find amazing clothes but when you DON'T have money you find all the amazing stuff! It sucks! I ended up just going to Mac and getting a new compact then we left the mall and got some eats at TGIF and then we went to See's Candy!

This is my Halloween loot from See's! Yummy yum yum! Cute to boot as well!

While I was working hard at my costume my cat made a nest out of pattern and fabric steps and slept! What a lazy bum!

Last night I made dinner for my self and it was sooooo good! I made chicken wantons!

Here is the recipe for those interested!

What you'll need...

1/2 pound of ground chicken
Cream Cheese
Green Onions
Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing
Prepacked Wanton Wrappers
Roasted Sesame Oil

First I chopped up the onions and mixed them up with some dressing and the chicken in a bowel until it was all nicely mixed.

Then I sauteed it in a small frying until the chicken was fully cooked.

I soaked the wanton wrappers in warm water for a few moments then I put a little cream cheese in each along with the chicken mixture and squeezed each one shut at the top. Then I stuck them in a nonstick pan with a little sesame oil and fried them up!

They were soooooooooooo yummy! You should try making them yourself.

This is my perfume collection! I thought I would post a picture of it because I love my designer perfume like a crack addict loves crack! LOL From left to right starting at the top row I have Issey Miyake, JLo's Glow, JLo's Love at First Glow (I think that's the proper name >.<), Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton's Just Me, and Betsey Johnson. In the second row from the top starting from the left I have Disney's Little Mermaid, JLo's Live, JLo's Live Luxe, and L.A.M.B's "L". In the bottom row starting from the left I have Britney Spears' Fantasy, DKNY's Be Delicious, and Britney Spears' Curious Out of Control or something LOL So there is my designer perfume collection. I expect it to expand soon! Especially since all that new Harajuku Lover's perfume is out! ^-^

Anyway! That's the highlights of what I've been up to. I would go into more detail but this entry is so long already!

I hope all are well and everyone has a happy Halloween!

Love you all!!!

♥ Shawnee

My dress is finally coming along nicely!

I've been soooooo busy that I've hardly had time to work on my costume but last night I worked on it from 8pm to 12am!!! I was very productive and I'm quite proud of myself! I got it all cut out excluding the collar and the yolk (the light pink part at the waits)

This is the skirt. I'm thinking of adding a few more pieces of fabric to make it more gathered when I attach it to the yolk

Here is top so far. I need to add the collar and finish the back lacing. The sleeves need to be brought in as well because they are like three times the size of my arms LOL

Here is my Tiara. Isn't it perfect?! Yes.

So there it is so far! I think that's a substantial amount of work for four hours LOL All the cutting and the pinning is what took up the time. Sewing takes like two seconds.

I'm wishing the fabric wasn't so shiny because it accentuates my flaws but oh well.

I'll update later about my life's goings on because I know you all have been worried about me. Kidding...

♥ Shawnee

Pretending there's glamour and candelabra when you're drinking by candle light.


The title is thrown around so loosely.

Many call me a friend, but am I?

I call people my friends, but are they?

I have some great friends.

There's Amore and even though she has pissed me off a time or two I love her to death. Real friendship doesn't fade just because you get into a spat. It has nothing to do with how many cookies she buys me. It has everything to do with the fact that I trust her. The fact that I know if I were to fall flat on my face she would be there to pick me up and dust me off. Just like I would for her.

I know she's a real friend.

There's Jaxi who has never really pissed me off and I've never fought with. Sure she's a busy lady and I don't get to spend enough time with her but I love her to death. Home girl goes to school and works a very important full time job. I know no matter how busy she is, if I need her she's there. Like when I broke up with Adam and I was a hot mess. She had papers due for school and needed sleep but when I called her crying she hung out with me all night and made me laugh until my face hurt. When Yuki was dying she was there to take me to the animal hospital even though she had to get up the next morning. I would do the same for her.

I know she's a real friend.

There is Candice who I've known forever but never started hanging out with regularly until recently. She's amazing. No matter how life is dragging her through the dirt she still manages to stay upbeat and positive. I think it is sooooo important to have positive people in your life.

I know she's a real friend.

Then again there are those I'm not too sure about...

There is the woman who claims to be my "friend" yet my ex would always tell me how she said I was using him and he needed to break up with me. He would also say that she relayed information to him from my myspace when he was off my friends list.

Who do I believe?

There is another woman who claims to be my "friend" yet she puts me down every chance she gets. Making comments about how she hates my hair color when she can barely care for hers. Making comments about my weight when she is constantly gaining weight her self and I am losing it. She also criticizes my life as much as possible. She will talk down about my job when she hates her own and I am relatively happy at mine. She talks shit about the men I date yet she has never had a boy friend herself. In fact she has slept with the one she claimed to dislike the most.

Is my self esteem worth it?

There is the "friend" who seems to do nothing but complain about the rest of her friends which makes me wonder... What does she say about me? Am I just another thing to complain about to the other people she calls friends?

What's the point of being left wondering?

Then there is the "friend" who is so desperate for attention they will try to make me look bad only to make her self look better. The friend who always wants me to take the back seat of her life that isn't half as fabulous as mine in the first place.

Is standing in the shadow so I am not to shine as bright worth it?

Then there is the girl who calls me a friend yet she tries to fuck every man I'm ever slightly interested in. Yet if she starts to see a guy who was my friend first all of the sudden I am trying to steal him and I am the one screwing them behind her back. At least that's what she tells everyone even though it's not true.

I know this one isn't worth it and I seldom come into contact with her anymore.

Why do I allow these people in my life? Is it because I generally care about them? Or is it because I want to pass the time? It's not the fact that I do not know what real friends are because I obviously do.

It makes me wonder...

♥ Shawnee