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Save the Bunnies!! 

Going Cruelty Free!

I will spam you with cuteness rather than the shock of showing you the sad animals who have been tested on!

I have decided to go cruelty free and I wanted to blog about it in hopes to maybe inspire some of you to help save the animals as well!  ♥ 

My thoughts on animal testing:

Now let me state that I am in no way vegan or vegitarian and yes I wear leather. I know a lot of animals who are used for food are tortured and horribly treated on the farm so yes I do try hard to buy from humane and natural (and local!) farmers! If I could afford it I would only eat grassfed beef! As for leather I do not buy much of it but if there was a company that sold leather items from animals that were killed humanely (not skinned alive!) I would buy my leather goods solely from that company. If you know of one let me know! Until then I am on the fence when it comes to leather. Yes there are a lot of leather replacements and I know it's not neccesary to wear leather so... yeah. Go ahead... tell me off on the whole leather thing if you want.

That all being said there is a HUGE difference between using an animal for food and clothing and just torturing them and killing them for no reason! Especially since there are more effecient and less costly ways of testing products for human safety! 

Mid to High End Brands can be Cruelty Free!

If you're anything like me you love your high end brand items and often times you don't like all that hippie crap they sell at Whole Foods that doesn't work half the time! Yes... some of those products work well! I LOVE ALBA! BUUUUUUT a lot of them just don't work as well as the high end brands! Well the good news is you can still have a lot of the products you ♥LOVE♥  and be cruelty free!

Here are my favorite beauty brands that are cruelty free!


  • NYX
  • Aveda
  • Urban Decay
  • Sexy Hair
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Stila
  • Alterna
  • Victoria's Secret 
  • Bed Head
  • Soap & Glory
  • Too Faced


That's just some of them! There are a ton more! For a full list CLICK HERE! Also you can easily google a product or check with PETA to see if it is cruelty free on your smart phone while you shop! 

No One is too Broke to be Cruelty Free!

A lot of people claim they don't bother buying cruelty free products because they can't afford the high prices that come with all the natural products. That's just an excuse! There are a ton of drug store brands that are cruelty free and affordable! There is also store brands for Trader Joes and Whole Foods (365) that are über cheap!

Here is a list of my favorite drug store & low budget brands that are cruelty free!


  • Burts Bees
  • E.L.F (available at Target)
  • Coastal Scents (available through their site)
  • Prestige
  • Jergens
  • Bonnie Bell
  • Jane Cosmetics


If you would like a full list Click Here! Also a lot of products say on the back of the bottle if they are cruelty free or have a bunny man seal!

Animal Testing in China

All cosmetic products in China MUST be tested on animals by LAW! So if a cosmetic company sells in China they are testing on animals even if they don't do it here! 

Parent Companies

I feel like this is a sort of thing people go back and forth about. Some people say you shouldn't support companies that test on animals so you shouldn't buy a cruelty free product from a company who has a parent company that does with their parent line or other lines. I personally believe there is nothing wrong with buying from a company who is owned by a company that allows animal testing. They can see where their money is coming from. If they see that people are only buying from their companies that don't test on animals I'm sure that would convince them to think twice about their other companies! 

Don't Let it Stop at Beauty!

A thing people often forget is household items! They too are often tested on animals! There are a lot of great household items that aren't tested on animals! Amazon premium and Method are my faves! Please don't forget to check on these items as well! 

Anyway... I hope this blog helps you at least be a little more aware of animal testing <(●ᴥ●)> If you do decide to go cruelty free I urge you not the go and throw out all your items tested on animals! Wait until you run out then replace them with a cruelty free item! It wasn't your fault and you didn't know! Don't waste your money just because you made a mistake! Plus you already bought the item so throwing it away would have made that animal testing for nothing which is bad too!

♥ Shawnee

Cruelty Free Resources! 

Go Cruelty Free

Peta's Beauty Without Bunnies

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