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3DS Games I'm Pre-Ordering This Holiday

It's almost the holidays which means Nintendo is releasing ALL OF THE GAMES I WANT!!! Ahhh... goodbye bank account. I want to share with you guys the 3DS games I will be pre-ordering this holiday season!

*LIFE HACK* If you pre-order games on Amazon Pime you get 20% off your game! I'm not paid by Amazon to say that but so many of my friends had no idea! Also I usually get the game a day or two early if I order it on Prime! ^-^ All the links below to get the games are on Amazon so you can save moolah! 


Dragon Quest VII


This one was released yesterday so I've started playing it already! I got super nostalgic while playing it! I've always loved Dragon Quest so much! This one is a re-release of the 2000 game and you know I'm going to play through it every time it comes out again! (Just like Chrono Trigger ahhhh!) Oh Toriyama how I love you so! While unpacking recently I found the guidebook for the original Japanese release. 

Oh the memories... I can't wait for the Dragon Quest VIII re-release to come out later this year! 

Get Dragon Quest VII

Pre-Order Dragon Quest VIII


Yokai Watch 2

Yokai Watch 2 comes in two version (I'm ordering both! SHAMELESS!) Also for a limited time they come with a collectible coin unique to each version and they unlock special Jibanyans! In Yokai Watch 2 you get to travel back in time and see how the Yokai came to our world. Also this one has co-op! You play with your friends, battle, and trade! That's so cool! I'm so excited for this game and I am so happy it was released so quickly after the first one! Both copies of Yokai Watch 2 will be out Sept 30th 2016! That's in a couple weeks! 

Pre-Order Yokai Watch 2 Boney Spirits

Pre-Order Yokai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls 


Disney Magical World

I am SO EXCITED for this game! You have no idea! The first one was SO FUN! I sunk so many hours into it... Disney Magical world is kind of like animal crossing except you run a café and you try to get famous Disney customers to come to your café but wait... THERE'S MORE! You also fight ghosts! You get to visit different Disney worlds and defend them from evil forces! It's so much fun! It comes out Oct 14th and if you pre-order it you get free Frozen outfits! 

Pre-Order Disney Magical World 


Pokémon Sun & Moon

This is the last game I have pre-ordered for the Holiday season. I think... I've ordered the collectors edition that comes in this cool tin on Amazon but I also saw the official collector vault edition on Amazon... I don't know... it looks super cool but they are being very coy about what comes in it and it's $125! 

I'm really excited for the Alola region versions of the Pokémon as well as the adorable Mimikyu! I also really hope you can dress your trainer again! I miss that from X & Y so much! 

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18th! 

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun

Pre-Order Pokémon Moon

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun and Moon Collectors Edition 

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun and Moon Collector Vault Edition 


Prior to this I haven't blogged since Jan 2016. I feel like my life is so fun that I should be blogging about it regularly. So... I'm going to try! At least weekly... 

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)




So You Want Free Stuff...

It's been awhile since I blogged... It's been awhile since I've done anything for myself in this great internet space. I've been mostly an absentee due to my new job at We Love Fine. Geek fashion is awesome and I love my new job but it's also a ton of work! Good thing I love to work!

My new job at We Love Fine is doing their social and PR. Part of my job is deciding who will recieve free product in order to help us promote our brand. As someone who has been an influencer (I've posted a ton of branded content over the last year or so and I've made some great money!) and been on the other side of this exchange... I thought I would put together a blog post to help people to learn some best practices. Also I apologize in advance for this post not being visual. I know I usually include screen grabs and all that jazz to help but I just don't have the time to do all that this time around.

How To Get Brand Deals/Sponsorships

There are a few ways to go about getting sponsorships for your YouTube channel, popular social media profiles, or web series. Below are some examples but I'm pretty sure there are more and more sites popping up everyday to help influencers make brand deals.

1. You can use sites like FameBit which allow you to apply for sponsorships and get paid to promote product. There are quite a few sites like this but this one happens to be my favorite and the most reliable one I've worked with.

2. If you are apart of a network (IE Maker Studios, Fullscreen etc etc etc) you can work with a brand manager to help you aquire paid and unpaid sponsorships for your projects.

3. You can reach out direcrtly to brands yourself.

The Proposal

I cannot stress enough how important this part is. It really will make or break the deal when it comes to brand deals. I cannot possibly tell you what every brand is looking for but I can tell you what I look for when an influencer sends me a proposal.

Introduction: Your intro should include who you are, why you are passionate about whatever project you are doing, and why you love the brand you want to work with. Most people are passionate about the company they work for and they want to see that same passion in someone who is going to promote them. Show the brand you know your stuff and include personal positive experiences you've had with the brand previously. Professionalism and personal experience really stand out when I'm looking through the hundreds of brand proposals I get!

Showcase Your Best Work: It's always best to cherry pick some of your work that best shows that your content is already tied to the brands message or style. For example if you want to review a makeup box subscription it would be best to send them some makeup tutorials or posts to show that your audience is into that sort of thing. This not only proves to the brand that you are actually going to drive sales but it also saves them the time of going through all your content trying to figure out if you'd be a good brand embassedor or not. Anything you can do to save time for the PR person is blessing and they will love you even more!

Data! DATA! DATA! This is SO important and almost every proposal I get does not include this info. Luckily some sites like FameBit include it already but if you're cold emailing a brand it's very important to include any metrics you have available to you. These metrics include number of followers, views, comments, likes, and click-throughs. You should always include screen shots as well. That really shows the brand they can trust you. If possible it's really good to make a press kit.

(Click photo to enlarge)

This is my presskit from Dec 2014 (I really need to update that... lol!) It's good to keep it to one page becuase your proposal will have more info and screen shots to prove your stats! Think of your presskit as a snapshot of what you can offer and your proposal as your first date with a brand that you really want to impress! Do not be afraid to brag a little but always make sure you are 100% honest. When someone streatches the truth or flat out lies it's such a turn off.

Resources for data:

  • YouTube and Twitter provide beaufitul analytics that are easy to screen shot!

  • Use a link shortner like bit.ly or goo.gl to track links in sponsored content.

  • Social Blue Book This site also gives you an idea of what you should be charging! Super useful! It also give you analytics for multiple social networks including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine!

I cannot stress enough how the more info you can provide the more likely you're going to acquire that brand deal. Even if your info is less than what you think it should be, it's very important to include it. You never know what the brand is expecting but they are always expecting you to be honest and straight forward!

Follow-Up: A lot of PR people are super busy and get A LOT of email! If you haven't received a response within a week I would send a follow-up just to make sure they received your email. I wouldn't keep bugging anyone after that. Make sure your follow-up is polite and professional!

Here are some other notes I have when it comes to obtaining brand deals/sponsorships...

  • Make sure the brand is something that jives with your channel or personal brand. Anything that doesn't will not sell and it will make you look bad to brands and your fans.

  • It's Ok to promote a brand in exchange for for product and no money if you are really passionate about the brand or just getting started.

  • It's also OK to ask for a fee! Making videos take a lot of time and work! Don't forget to think about the value of the product you are receiving. (If you get $200 worth of product in exchange for a 1 minute video that's pretty awesome!)

  • Don't take it personally when a company turns you down or asks you to come back when you have more followers. Every brand is looking for different things and it is business! They have to think about how much revenue they will generate from you!

  • Promoting with an afilliate link is also an awesome thing! I haven't worked with Uniqso in over 8 months and I still see monthly revenue from my affilliate link in my old videos.

    • You can also make ads on your blog with your affilliate link! It's a great way to earn some extra $$

  • Don't be offended when a company asks you to do a video for free when you've asked for money. Use your best judgement if you want to proceed or not but NEVER feel like you have to! You can always say no!

  • When making sponsored content try to be creative! The more creative your video is, the more engaged your audience will be and the better the product will sell!

  • When you've finished your sponsored content ALWAYS follow up with the brand. Send them links and if you had a good experience start the conversation about the next time you will work together!

Alright! That was a long post! I hope it helps! if you have any questions feel free to comment or to email me!

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)


Failtastic but... GIVEAWAYS!!!

I totally failed at my writing challenge. I lasted a whole one entry! Go me! ahahahahaha!

Oh well... live and learn right?

Anyway it's been a long while since I posted an update! I've been at so many conventions and I've made so many videos! You can go to my channel HERE to see all my most recent videos if you like or you can just check out these next two that involve GIVEAWAYS!!! YAYE!!!!

The first thing I am giving away is a $30 giftcard to Jollychic.com! They have some ADORABLE stuff! Check out my video!

The second thing I am giving away is a free month of Japanese Candy Box from the makers of Kawaii Box! Watch my video to see what goodies are in it this month! 

You can enter both giveaways by... CLICKING HERE

I wasn't able to embed the Japan Candy Box giveaway so you have to click the link >.< 

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)


365 Writing Challenge!

Hey Agents! 

Back in the day I used to write a lot on LiveJournal. Then LiveJournal kind of fell off the face of the Earth! Well it still exists but it's kind of dead now. I feel as though I've kind of lost my edge when it comes to writing! So I've decided to challenge myself to write more by doing a writing prompt every day for 365 days here on my blog. 

Before I get started with my first writing prompt I want to answer some questions you may have! 

1. Will your posts be fact or fiction?

My writing will consist mostly of fiction but some things will be stemmed from fact or things I have experienced in my life. For safety just assume everything is fiction and don't worry about what might be fact or fiction ^-^ 

2. Will you continue to post things about other things? 

Yes! I will still make helpful posts about the YouTube industry, cosplay, fashion, and more!

3. Where do you get your prompts from?

Some may come from folks on my social networks, reddit, google search, and other random stuff! I will try to link where all my prompts come from! Feel free to leave comments with writing prompts here too!

Alright on to the writing prompt!

"What can happen in a second?"

Ever notice when crazy things start to happen time slows down and it seems like so much can happen in a second? I don't mean to make this morbid but the other day I heard someone on a podcast say "You are always a second away from possible death." It really stuck with me as I finished my walk to the dentist. I was looking around at all the things that could end me in a second. A car could come off the road and hit me, a power line could fall on me, a stray bullet could come out of nowhere, or any number of things could happen. Later that day I left my house in my car and was hit by the craziest of women. How insane is it that my mind was rushing with those thoughts earlier and something like that later happened? It's 100% true that anything can happen in any second of your life. Of course bad things can happen (like death) and we can either choose to dwell on those things or choose to use those possibilities as drive to live an enriched life. So remember that any second can hold any possibility and we should use that knowledge to try and live the best seconds we can!

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)


Super Sonico Cosplay Tutorial w/ Uniqso

Hey guys! 

Today I wanted to blog about my first cosplay tutorial that I made for my channel! It's for a character that I am obsessed with! Super Sonico! Watch it down below! 

Not playing? Check it out on YouTube


*Don't forget to use coupon code AgentS for 10% off!*

*Don't forget to use coupon code AgentS for 10% off!*

All of my makeup is makeup I already had and I don't really have links to them. 
I'm super obessed with the contacts and wig I got from Uniqso to make this totorial so here is a break down of both! I accidentally said Barbie in my video instead of Dolly but the links all link to the correct lenses! I've had a lack of sleep this week due to Star Wars Celebration and my puppy hurting her leg. Losing my mind due to no sleep heh... 

Dolly Eye Celeb Super Nudy Pink

I was super nervous about picking out pink circle lenses because sometimes pink can look weird or like pink eye and that's no good but these turned out better than I could have ever expected! They are absolutely perfect for any pink eyed anime character cosplay! 

They blended well with both my green eye and my blue eye and looked as natural as pink contacts could look! I wore them for at least eight hours a day for two days of cosplaying and they were very comfortable! I've always loved the Dolly Eye series and I've neer had any issues with them. They are always super cute and great for light eyes! 

Click here to get these contacts

Use coupon got "Agents" to get 10% off!

Super Sonico Wig

Lucky for me Uniqso already had a wig styled for Super Sonico! Her hair is different from a lot of pink haired anime characters because she has two toned hair. As I said in the video it did take a little trimming but most wigs take a little trimming around the bangs so that's no big deal. 

It fit well and had adjustable straps for different head sizes. It also didn't get too tangled through out the day and night of cosplaying. One complaint I've seen from reviewers on this wig is that it is shiny. Yes it was pretty shiny when I took it out of the package but I brushed baby powder through it and it was perfect! Most synthetic wigs are pretty shiny so a great way to battle that is either with baby powder or dry shampoo. Also most people will expect your wig to be unnatrual when you are cosplaying so a little shine isn't too much of a sin in my book. 

All in all this wig was great for my cosplaying needs and it was comfortable and easy to work with ^.^ 

Click here to get this wig!

Use coupon code "Agents" for 10% off!

Uniqso has always been super speedy and reliable when it comes to ordering from them! I highly reccomend them! Also you can use my discount on most of their current sales.

Here's some picture spam! Though I feel like I should have taken better and more photos heh! ^_^'

I had a great time cosplaying as Super Sonico and can't wait to do more cosplay of her and other anime characters! What characters would you like to see me cosplay as?! Leave a comment below! 

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)